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Some wonderful person has posted the EXTENDED NEVER BEFORE SEEN BONUS Rodney Waber clip from last year’s Comedy Bang Bang TV show with America’s Sweetheart Anna Kendrick and Scott Aukerman. In this episode, I play Rodney Waber, publicist to Harrison Ford who by mistake thought Scott wanted him on the show instead of Harrison. I forgot the last sixty seconds of this ever happened. We finally unlock the secret to When Harry Met Sally’s famous deli scene.


From the DVD!

Let’s Be Real: ‘Let’s Be Cops,’ cop movies, and the shooting in Ferguson

I always go out of my way to read Wesley Morris’ stuff, but this is by far one of the best things he’s written.

Aug 6

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Aug 6

The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!
Sufjan Stevens

I can’t explain the state that I’m in
The state of my heart, he was my best friend

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Aug 3

Bond, don’t interrupt me when I’m being British, I get so few chances at it. I hate to see it spoiled.

Aug 1

Wilder and Wallace are brothers and pyrokinetics. Ever since childhood they’ve been able to start fires with their minds but following a tragedy in which they accidentally killed a man, the brothers have grown up very differently. Wilder has become a regular 9-5 workaday joe but Wallace performs his feats with a traveling circus. When the circus comes to Wilder’s home town Wallace starts coming on strong to Wilder’s wife, Vida who, ironically, is a slight pyromaniac.


imdb summary of Wilder Napalm, the first movie Vince Gilligan wrote.

Somehow Dennis Quaid chose to do this movie.

Hannibal Season 2 Bloopers.

Joaquin Phoenix Eyed to Star in Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' | The Wrap

Guys. Joaquin Phoenix in a crazy cape, opening a third eye, is EVERYTHING I JUST NOW REALIZED I WANTED FROM MARVEL.

Bryan Fuller revealed a bunch of stuff about Hannibal’s next season


Ally and I just watched this episode last night and I love it so fucking much, I love Bob’s Burgers so fucking much, writing for this show is my legitimate dream job moreso than any other show on TV. Also I’m gonna be Louise for Halloween this year. It is known.

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