Travis, maybe.


Ralph Fiennes tries to convince Angela Bassett to watch The Wire

Imagine All Star People


You may say I’m a dreamer

but the media men beg to differ


embedded sound cloud version. EXPLODER!

Hearing Loren Bouchard go through all the parts of the Bob’s Burgers theme is much more interesting than it would seem, honest.

Apr 6
Apr 6

There are two kinds of people who claim to understand this film. The creator Shane Carruth, and liars.

- On Upstream Color (via onestarnetflixreviews)

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Y’all asked for it: More Samuel Herring dance GIFs!

Stream Future Islands’ Singles from NPR Music’s First Listen

GIFs: adamkissick for NPR

I could watch these all day.



I can’t imagine anything ever being funnier than this.